PhotoShelter – Refer A Friend Discount


PhotoShelter – Refer A Friend Discount

I am using PhotoShelter for my Photography website, it allows me to handle online sales, high resolution file distribution, SEO, attract new clients, show my work professionally, and do business with clients online. It’s pretty super awesome! ūüôā

Why am I telling you this? If you follow my blog as a fellow photographer, or know a photographer who is looking for a way to show their work, you/they can use the link below to save some money on sign-up (and I get an account credit too!)

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Happy Image hosting! ūüôā

My Lightning Photograph on the Evening News!

I’m pretty excited that my lightning photograph from last night got shown in the evening news on CTV Ottawa!
Lightning Strikes! CTV Ottawa
It was also shown on their website in the gallery of storm photographs from last night

It just makes my lightning photograph super special to me. Not only was it my first successful photograph of lightning, but someone thought it was awesome enough to feature on the news! Thanks CTV Ottawa, it means a lot to me!

Lightning Photography – Tips for a Beginner

I have now crossed lightning photography off my bucket list! For those of you who want to do the same, here is a beginners guide. (Some may disagree with my tips and ideas, but this was the best method for me)

Rules: Stay safe, be patient, and have fun.

I decided that my first lightning shot needed to be mastered from the comforts of my apartment before adventuring out in a downpour with gear and ruining my photography equipment. This meant I could get the hang of the workflow for when I do adventure out. I also made a DIY rain guard and tested that out on the balcony so I had an idea of the limitations of working in a rain guard when I do invest in one.

To get the correct exposure, What I did was set up my camera near a window/on my balcony on a tripod. For settings, I lowered the ISO to 100 so the camera would be less sensitive to light reducing noise in the sky, I kept the aperture wide to allow light in and used a range of ƒ/2.8-8 to help make up for the low ISO. I had a long shutter exposure to help capture that instant bolt of lightning during the exposure. I also set the focal length to infinity and put my camera to manual focus.

Lightning ©Amy Godin Photography 2013

Lightning ©Amy Godin Photography 2013

Gear used to capture this shot:
Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70  ƒ/2.8, Window sill (usually I would use my Manfrotto 190prob with the 804 head), and for my balcony shot attempts I made a DIY rain cover out of a large ziplock bag.
When I do adventure out to take photos of a storm outdoors I will post the review of it. For now, since I do not have the correct gear to keep my equipment safe from the stormy elements, I will stick to taking nature or weather shots outdoors on nice days/nights. Let me know in the comments about your success photographing lightning, and what gear you use to protect your camera from the elements.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

¬©Amy Godin Photography 2013 I haven’t explored much into the world of Wedding Photography. I do love weddings, but I enjoy attending as a guest/Assistant Photographer. I love capturing candid moments instead of the traditional/staged shots that are expected of … Continue reading

I got my hair cut

I got my hair cut. 

(This may seem like a really stupid post, but I assure you, it’s only a kind of stupid post)

Image©Amy Godin Photography 2013     //      Photograph by Matthew Boyd

I (finally) donated my hair to make wigs for cancer patients, I do this every few years once my hair has grown out, this is the shortest that I have ever cut it.

Also, I rarely curl my hair; it is a huge accomplishment for me to have 2 photos where my hair is nicely curled.

Long Overdue Update

I have graduated from the School of Business at Algonquin College and I received my Diploma from the 2 year Business Management and Entrepreneurship program. The past two years flew by very quickly; I have learned a lot and I am excited to apply my knowledge and keep pursuing my passion in Photography.  I have enjoyed my journey over the past two years in a program filled with brilliant people, I am happy that I met the amazing people I did in the BME program, and I hope to remain in touch with them!


Set up my camera to get a group shot of our little BME get together after our final exam.


Me accepting my Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma
Photograph by Brenda Gaitens

Lately I have been focused on “What’s Next?” I’ll be completely honest, I’m not 100% sure ¬†about what is next for me. I am looking at going back to school in September to get another Diploma. I am working on photography projects here and there, nothing big, just little creative shoots to keep me working on new and exciting things.¬†

There has been a new addition to my family…. I got another cat last month. A little grey kitten, we named him Nermal!¬†


© Amy Godin Photography 2013

I suppose this is a rather lack-luster update, but here it is.

Maybe the neat Canada Day firework photograph that I took will make this post a wee bit more exciting?

©Amy Godin Photography 2013