Long Overdue Update

I have graduated from the School of Business at Algonquin College and I received my Diploma from the 2 year Business Management and Entrepreneurship program. The past two years flew by very quickly; I have learned a lot and I am excited to apply my knowledge and keep pursuing my passion in Photography.  I have enjoyed my journey over the past two years in a program filled with brilliant people, I am happy that I met the amazing people I did in the BME program, and I hope to remain in touch with them!


Set up my camera to get a group shot of our little BME get together after our final exam.


Me accepting my Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma
Photograph by Brenda Gaitens

Lately I have been focused on “What’s Next?” I’ll be completely honest, I’m not 100% sure  about what is next for me. I am looking at going back to school in September to get another Diploma. I am working on photography projects here and there, nothing big, just little creative shoots to keep me working on new and exciting things. 

There has been a new addition to my family…. I got another cat last month. A little grey kitten, we named him Nermal! 


© Amy Godin Photography 2013

I suppose this is a rather lack-luster update, but here it is.

Maybe the neat Canada Day firework photograph that I took will make this post a wee bit more exciting?

©Amy Godin Photography 2013

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