Messy hair

How to get that winter damaged, tangled, messy long hair under control….

Since you’re surrounded by gorgeous models all day taking photographs, you have to look spectacular as well, here are some solutions for long hair problems…
attempt #1: a conditioner leave in for 30 minutes, then towel dried with a fluffy towel. I tried brushing it, and it was a sad failure. so I threw it into a ponytail and gave up

attempt #2: just try and brush it & suck it up. NEVER try that again.

attempt #3: just used oodles of moisturizing/hydrating/super awesome hand cream and worked that into my hair then separated sections of hair and brushed the nots out. Then I used a smoothing serum and combed it through my hair then put my hair into a braid.

Note: my hair is now super greasy, but it is tangle free.

(the photo really doesn’t do the nots justice, it was a disaster.)

Dear SME’s
If someone designs winter clothing that reduces static and doesn’t make the under layers of my hair a total mess I would pay so much for items.

all tamed!!


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