Self Portraits

Normal people:
1) Pull out cell phone/point & shoot camera
2) Smile
3) Upload to Facebook/instagram

1) Set up lighting kit: change softboxes/umbrellas a couple of times (while almost impaling yourself with the softbox rods)
2) Set up tethering software, hunt for the remote
3) Set up your camera, find your tripod & play an epic game of hide and seek for the tripod plate finding it under a sofa cushion
4) Hunt for an empty memory card, then remember that you’re tethering and you don’t need a memory card.
5) hunt down your USB cable (find every single USB cable you’ve been looking for for the past week then find the one you’re looking for tangled up in the pile you already dug through)
6) Fix up hair
7) Change into clothes that work in a nice colour schematic.
8) Strike a pose (or many poses with various facial expressions mimicking your favorite model)
9) Change the lights and move the camera a billion times
10) Import photos into Lightroom (have a snack while this takes forever to import)
11) Find 2 that you’re happy with. Not only are you judging yourself as the model, but you’re judging your lighting technique
12) Post production time! Colour correct, fix that random strand of hair that’s sticking out, the dark circles under your eyes, and take away those pimples
13) Upload to Facebook/Instagram


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